Digital Marketing: Strategies and Predictions in 2024

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With the digital marketing space brimming with trends and opportunities, 2024 will prove yet another exciting year! As a provider of competent digital marketing services in Bangalore, BrainMine stays abreast of the latest online marketing trends and strategies. So, if you are looking to harness the power of digital marketing for your business this year, you’ve come to the right place. This blog talks about digital marketing strategies and prophecies for the year 2024.

5 Digital Marketing Strategies and Trends to Look for in 2024

Digital marketing evolves every day and is never the same, no matter whether you look into history or sneak peek at the future. 2024 isn’t an exception. It cannot remain one. So, here are strategies and trends you should look at in 2024.

  1. Hyper-personalization

Isn’t personalization already a trend in digital marketing? So, what’s hyper-personalization? It is a trend that takes personalization to the next level. Earlier, addressing someone by their first name formed the first rule of personalization. But that’s a done-and-dusted strategy now. People know that now and don’t necessarily appreciate someone calling them by their name and offering something that may not be necessarily relevant to their needs.

Instead, the focus is on giving what consumers need. That’s where hyper-personalization comes into play. It uses AI and real-time data to display highly curated products and content to users. Hyper-personalization deals with every case individually and helps make the experience highly specific. 

  1. Artificial Intelligence!

AI isn’t merely a trend anymore but a revolution. And now the world knows about it. So, there’s nothing secret about AI, at least when it comes to digital marketing. Every company, even the best digital marketing company in Bangalore uses it. 

AI can do almost everything that humans can in the digital marketing context. However, what makes AI as intriguing is its ability to transcend human capabilities. As a business looking to tap into digital marketing opportunities, you can use AI to generate content, analyze sentiments, create responses for frequently asked questions, employ marketing best practices, enhance and expedite responses via AI-driven chatbots, and much more!

  1. Human Content

Human-driven content and storytelling will continue to hold significance and relevance in 2024 and beyond. Now, why do we love human content as much? Why do we love to see humans on an ad rather than just a machine? That’s because human-driven ads or content is more relatable. Creating content that connects on the human level is more engaging. People love interacting with such content.

On the other hand, you have storytelling. As children, we all loved listening to stories. And we nurture it even as grown-ups. Stories intrigue us more than anything else. It doesn’t have to be a once-upon-a-time type story. However, customer success stories, customer experiences, numerical outcomes, etc., when presented through stories can make a significant impact on engagement.

Nonetheless, generating compelling human-driven content isn’t as straightforward. Hiring professional digital marketing services in Bangalore can provide a helping hand to do what it takes to engage with users.

  1. User-Generated Content (UGC)

Did you know 38-40 percent of shoppers say UGC matters to them a lot while making informed purchase decisions? Even when it comes to Gen Z shoppers, 12-15 percent of them consider UGC influential. 

Now, what’s UGC, though? Most of you must be aware. Nevertheless, UGC is content that users or customers generate for a business. It may be in the form of a video, podcast, or text. It involves narrating the brand experience, why they recommend the brand, how the brand helped them resolve their problem, etc.

UGC works! It is because people love hearing from fellow customers who’ve experienced a brand’s service or support. Instead of the businesses praising themselves on every platform, requesting a customer to do it and share their honest feedback makes the communication more effective.

  1. Social Media Search Engine

With nearly 5 billion users, which is 75-80 percent of the world’s population, social media is a platform, an opportunity, a strategy, and a trend that no business – we repeat no business, no matter its size and business reach, can ignore! 

While social media marketing is already a strategy, the use of these platforms as search engines is gradually gaining momentum. Sixty to 65 percent of consumers are already using social media to search for new restaurants. 

Thus, as a business intending to use social media to the fullest, do not forget to be searchable on social media. Consider the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore, BrainMine can help you do it.

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