How to Fix Crawl Errors in Google Search Console?

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Google is now the dominating search engine in all across the web community and thus the entire SEO activities solely depend and based on Google only.  Though in the USA Bing till has retained its top position as a search engine but in rest countries, Google is the ultimate search engine that is mostly used by visitors.

Now coming to proper implementation of SEO activities mainly On-Page part the most vital aspect that a SEO professional need to keep in mind is about the crawl errors in Google Search Console.  Therefore, as a leading Seo company in Bangalore, we have a dedicated team of highly experienced SEO professionals who take care of all of these errors and fix it.

Well, we offer here all kinds of SEO and Web marketing services to all clients and that also at a very affordable cost. Starting from Link Building to Off Page and On Page Seo along with social media marketing, you get everything here to form under one roof.  Since from the time of our inception we are in this industry working with multiple clients from Bangalore and today we have clientele from across the country as well as from abroad as a premier SEO services in Bangalore.

More Facts On Search Console Errors

Well now moving further with the search console errors there are two kinds of errors that is page level and site level.  So in this regard, the site level errors are more catastrophic that can damage your site’s usability. However, URL errors, on the other hand, are usually specific to an individual page and so they are less harmful.

So the easiest and the simplest way to access crawl errors is from the dashboard Well, here the main dashboard gives you a quick preview of your site that will show you all three of the most vital management tools that are Crawl Errors, Search Analytics and Sitemaps.  Therefore, under Crawl errors, you will get to see all these points.

  • Site errors – The Site Errors section shows you errors from your website as a whole. These all are the high-level errors that affect your website in its entirety so never skip or ignore them. In the crawl error dashboard, Google will show you the errors for ninety days only. So normally, you must check for all these kinds of errors almost regular basis so that no such errors take place. At Brainmine, we have a dedicated SEO team who always keep a watch on all these errors on behalf of the client and thus you always remain relaxed regarding all such kinds of errors.
  • DNS Errors – This is the most vital of all errors as DNS the term epitomizes for Domain Name System error. Therefore, if the Googlebot has the DNS issues then it means it cannot connect with your domain via DNS timeout issue.

How to fix All These Errors?

  • Primarily, Google here recommends using their Fetch as Google tool to see how Googlebot crawls your site.
  • Well, here if you are looking for the DNS connection status and we constantly work for the client to fix all these errors.
  • Then next step if your problems still remain then you need to contact your DNS provider to take all further steps to solve your issue.
  • You need to get sure that your server displays 404 or 500 error code else one need to get in touch with the developer’s team. In addition, in this regard at Brainmine, we have a separate team who monitors all these activities and fix all these errors.

So for more details please visit our website or call us directly and our support team will help you in all possible way.


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