How to Get Google Index my Site Faster?

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Are you looking for boosting your business ROI and getting a top page Google rank for your website? Then surely, without any doubt you have come here at the right place.  We at Brainmine Tech takes proud to announce that we are serving clients from multiple industries since from the time of our inception, and today we are one of the leading SEO agency in Bangalore. Here, we offer all kind of web marketing services starting from SEO, social media marketing, website development to content marketing, Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing and lots more all from under one roof.

Well, the best thing that differ us from the competition is that we never compromise on service quality and neither have we pushed any of our services to clients. Instead, we always first try to analyze the overall requirements and then based on that we suggest them a suitable web marketing solution and packages. As a premier SEO in Bangalore, we have a dedicated team of SEO professionals who have a decade of experience in this field where all we work hard to get your site indexed in Google search engine result page.

How to get your site indexed on Google?

When it comes to indexing Google follows a series of steps in this regard that we are going to highlight here. Creating a library with all billions of pages needs some of the powerful tools and the most important of these tools are known as spiders.

All of these automated bots are automated browsers that use to crawl from site to site following links for finding a valuable content.  Well, in this regard all of the information that these spiders use to crawl is stored in the Google’s index section.

Even though the results are collected from a stored source, the goal of the search engine is always to provide latest and up-to-date results to its users or visitors. Well, here you may think that if Google’s spider is always looking for information from all across the web then what is the purpose of doing some hard work to help Google index your site faster?. Well, the answer is if your site is relatively new, or do not crawled often, it could days, or even weeks for your new content to be indexed.

Here, you need to know one thing is that organic search from Google has a big impact on your traffic but you will not start seeing that traffic until your site be indexed by Google.

Tools that Help Fast Indexing

  • Google Search Console – Well in this regard the most common and popular tool is Google’s own Search Console. It is a free tool from Google itself that helps you in monitoring your website’s overall presence in Google’s index and search results.
  • Yoast SEO – It is one of the most popular WordPress plugin that comes to you totally at a free of cost though if you want you can buy it’s full version as well. It is designed in such a way that help to get your site index faster that normal time it takes.
  • Google Analytics – It is a free tool from Google that helps you to track the site’s traffic on regular basis. Therefore, whether the site is being indexed you can check the same from this tool.


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